[FX.php List] Moving from Mac OS to Windows 7

csinfo csinfo at criticalsolution.com
Fri Jun 27 14:54:57 MDT 2014

I had a FileMaker 13 server running on a Mavericks machine. For the most
part all was working well including my FX / PHP sites. I had to move the
databases and web files to a Windows 7 Machine running FM Server 13 (for
reasons that I cannot go into here)
I have all the dbs being served and can bee seen by FMP users, I have a
single machine deployment with xml and PHP enabled. All good, right? NoŠ
My web sites are not working, I am getting an internal error while doing a
simple query. PHP is working (phpinfo test)
I copied the web sites completely, keeping the folder structure the same,
and the IP address is the same as the (now turned off) Mac so I should not
need to edit any server Ips.

Is there something I am missing switching from Apache on OSX to IIS on
Windows 7.

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