[FX.php List] Please help with slow code

Stephe Pocock zippyaus at yahoo.com
Thu Jun 26 03:10:15 MDT 2014


We pretty much use the same code for all our FX pages.  Ever since we moved from Filemaker 11 this has been a lot slower to load.

I use the latest FX.php and FMalt

I would greatly appreciate it if someone could review this code and let me know if there is anything out of the ordinary.


define('DEBUG', FALSE); 



$cat=new FX($serverIP,$webCompanionPort,'FMAlt');
$cat->setDBData('FMOnline','TQS_Manual_PHP', 'ALL');
$cat->SetDBUserPass ($webUN, $webPW); 


foreach ($catResult['data'] as $key => $catData)


<title>Forms, Manuals and Publications</title>


<table width="600" border="0">
$checkHeader = NULL;

foreach ($catResult['data'] as $key => $catData)
$Title = $catData['Title'][0];
$URL = $catData['URL'][0];
$target = $catData['c_URL_target'][0];

echo "<tr valign='top'>\n
<td width='20' height='15'>
                <div align='center'><img src='/Images/Bullet.png' width='9' height='12'>        </div></td>\n
<td><a href='$URL' target='_blank'>$Title</a> </td>\n

// End the foreach loop


There are less than 100 records and it takes up to a minute to load.

We are using FMS13 on iis 2008R2.

Thanks in advance.

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