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Actually, last year there were seven sessions that dealt with integration and web, including PHP and HTML5, in a separate web/integration track.

Considering there are six tracks for sessions and there's the ability to host unconference sessions on anything you want, there seems to be a generous mix of CWP at DevCon. The people on this list tend to know their stuff, and maybe most sessions aren't aimed at this level, but rather the more introductory type. I suspect you're looking for more advanced integration tracks, but I think it becomes incumbent upon those with knowledge to propose such sessions. The alternatives are unconference sessions, which are informal and anyone can create, or creating a separate conference and working to attract high-end topics. You have to consider the audience. How many FileMaker developers with show up for sessions like "IDEs and FileMaker," "Custom-Built Web FrameWorks for FileMaker and PHP," "JQuery FileMaker Tools," "FMP URL Protocol - Advanced Techniques" and the like? Maybe those on this list, and handful others. Still, if no one proposes sessions like this to FileMaker when they call for DevCon sessions, they will never appear on the schedule.


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I was referring to DevCon sessions…and the lack of content for us CWP folks. There might have been a small handful of php-related sessions in recent years. I’m looking for an entire track to make it worthwhile. My 2 cents.


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        >        > I gave up on FMI delivering any useful content for the PHP Web Developer. 
        > What sort of things would you like to see appear in the product?
        > malcolm
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