[FX.php List] Can't connect with manually installed php on Windows 2008 Server

jschwartz jschwartz at exit445.com
Mon Jul 21 18:18:24 MDT 2014

Hi Folks,

I had a perfectly fine fx.php system working under OS X 10.6.8, but the system would not pass a PCI security scan, so I agreed to move it to Windows 2008. Another guy is handling the Windows side. When I first installed the system under FMS 11, all was good the Web Publishing side.  The Windows guy had to continue plugging security holes to pass the PCI scan.  His last step was to replace PHP because the PCI scan complained about the embedded PHP version inside FMS 11.

That’s when fx.php stopped talking to FileMaker.  I got the cURL error, although password and connect info was correct..  I redeployed the Web Publishing Engine…twice. Each time, the deploy whacked IIS to the point that IIS stopped recognizing php files.

The Windows gut isn’t too happy.  We’re both wasting a huge amount for time just to to placate the credit card guys.

Are there any secrets I should know?



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