[FX.php List] [OFF] FMS13 & SSL?

Joel Shapiro mail at jsfmp.com
Tue Jul 15 14:58:35 MDT 2014

Hi all

It seems FMS13 comes w/ a default SSL certificate, such that hitting an FMS13 site on https can bring up an "untrusted connection/invalid certificate" warning.  ("The certificate is only valid for FMI Certificate Authority...")  I've seen this on two different servers now -- both Windows.

My question:
Is it possible that this FMI cert could override an existing cert?  I've got a client who's setting up FMS13 now (2-machine).  Their tech dept said they'd installed an SSL cert on the web server but we didn't test it before installing FMS.  Now when we go to https we get the FMI "invalid certificate" warning.  The tech dept isn't the friendliest, so we're trying to check if the FMS install could have overwritten the existing cert -- or if this means that there was never one before FMS.

Does anybody know?


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