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Fitzgerald, Theodore C ted-fitzgerald at uiowa.edu
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In order to do the greater than and less than comparison you'll need to be working with Date objects, so if getToday() doesn't return a date object, your function won't work correctly.

I'm not sure what "getToday();" is doing, but to get today's date,  you only need to do "new Date()";.  Here is an example of it working:

http://jsfiddle.net/qpvugLna/1/ (warning, it does show the alert when you visit the page)


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OK, list, this should be really easy, but I can’t get the proper results:

I have this code:

var date1 = getToday();
var date2 = new Date("12/01/2014");
var res = compareDates(date1,date2);

Here’s the function:

// compare any 2 dates
	// 0 -- date1 < date2
	// 1 -- dates are equal
	// 2 -- date1 > date2

function compareDates(date1, date2){
	if (+date1 < +date2){
		return 0;
	}else if (+date1 == +date2){
		return 1;
	}else if (+date1 > +date2){
		return 2;
		return "UNSOLVED";

If you try this, you’ll get UNSOLVED rather than the right answer, which should be 2, because date1 > date2 in my example.

This is so easy to do in PHP, but for some reason, despite lots of Googling, I haven’t gotten anything that works.

Thanks for any enlightenment,

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