[FX.php List] [OFF] FileMaker Developer Relations Performance Panel

Chris Hansen chris at iViking.org
Tue Apr 22 13:48:14 MDT 2014

Hey folks,

Those of you on the FileMaker Technet list (among other things) would have received an email from FileMaker today regarding, among other things, a FileMaker Platform Performance Panel that will be happening at DevCon.  Considering that on the web side of things, FileMaker is often one of the bottlenecks, I see this as highly relevant to the FX community.  I even posted a question about that blasted XML bug that sometimes forces the use of a more verbose (and often slower) XML schema; but there are a number of interesting items up there.

At any rate, if you're one of those who got the email, head on over an look at the posts, vote up those that you like (as Delfina mentions in one of the comments), and perhaps even post a question of your own.  I see this as an opportunity to have some very positive things happen, and it would be a shame to waste it.



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