[FX.php List] Request for Help Addressing a Potential FileMaker Server Bug

Andrew Denman adenman at tmea.org
Thu Apr 10 16:14:56 MDT 2014

Where are they seeing the requests stay open? In the 'Clients' view on the Admin Console?

There I see them pop up and then disappear after a while (within about a minute of connecting), but we only use FX.php so I don't have a FMAPI page to compare the behavior.

For some reason I'm thinking that in version 11 or 12 they changed the 'Clients' view to show web connections a little longer than they were actually connected because people complained they would flash by too quickly to see. Don't see that mentioned in a quick glance the documentation, though.

Andrew Denman

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Greetings all!

I just heard from someone this AM that they are seeing FileMaker XML requests stay open on their server.  I don't have an extra server on which to run the latest version of FMS.  So, a couple requests:

* Are any of you able to confirm this behavior on the latest version of FMS?

* If this is a problem, how would all y'all like to see this addressed?  Trick FMS into thinking FX.php is FAP?  Figure out how to close the connections?  Other options?

I'm not sure why FileMaker keeps breaking their XML API, but I find it highly annoying.

Thanks in advance!

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