[FX.php List] Converting to FM12?

Kevin Futter KFutter at sbc.vic.edu.au
Wed Jun 26 16:24:21 MDT 2013

Derek, you don't actually need to include the extension when calling the
database via FX (if I'm reading you correctly and that's what you're
doing). FileMaker Server knows what file extension it supports, and can
locate the file with or without the extension. So just calling the
database by name only not only works, it's future-proof too!


On 27/06/13 4:06 AM, "Derrick Fogle" <derrick at fogles.net> wrote:

>D'oh! Turns out my problem was a stupid typo in the server_data file.
>When I changed the name from ".fp7" I forgot to insert the "m" in the new
>It works now.
>On Jun 26, 2013, at 11:55 AM, Leo R. Lundgren wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Try to find archives of this mailing list. There has been some
>>discussion about FX.php incompatibility with FM 12, as well as fixes for
>>it (I believe they are in the GitHub repository for FX.php).
>> Regards, Leo
>> 26 jun 2013 kl. 18.53 skrev Derrick Fogle:
>>> Just now upgrading to FM12 from an old version of FM 8.5. Having
>>>trouble getting FX.php to work correctly. Looking for any tips or
>>>tricks, known changes that need made in FX files, etc.
>>> Thanks!
>>> Derrick
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