[FX.php List] Weird session variable issue

Bob Patin bob at patin.com
Thu Dec 19 11:10:00 MST 2013

Here’s an interesting thing I just determined:

I was wondering if an ampersand might make it fail, so I created a simple form with 2 fields; the form uses a GET method.

In the first field, I entered

Smith & Jones

In the 2nd field I entered


On my processing page, I got back

Smith & Jones

… just as it was entered (I added a carriage return in the process page for clarity).

So… putting an ampersand didn’t break the process. I saw that my URL had the HTML-equivalent of the ampersand (which is %26) instead of an actual ampersand, so I suspect that’s why it didn’t break the form submission.

I then tested this: in my JQuery, I displayed the URL as it’s being sent after form submission, and I get this:


and so on… note that the ampersand between “Longterm” and “Solutions” is HTML-encoded, which means that it’s not going to break. 

To make sure that’s not the problem, I finished the registration and it wrote to Filemaker without any error.


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