[FX.php List] Works in FX.php v4.2, breaks in v6

Andrew Denman adenman at tmea.org
Thu Dec 19 10:39:15 MST 2013

It still applies, but only for FileMaker generated errors. The error you are encountering is happening at the web server level, which returns an FX error object.  Here's my error trapping code to catch both cases:

// See if there's an error
if(FX::isError($ReturnedData) || $ReturnedData['errorCode'] != 0 ){
                                $errorMsg = "The server may be down.<br>";
                                $errorMsg .= $EnterData->getMessage();
                                require_once($_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'] . '\includes\FX\FMErrors.php'); //$errorsList is error array name
                                $errorMsg = $errorsList[$ReturnedData['errorCode']];

Andrew Denman

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Dale, it does help thank you.

According to the documentation included with the current FX.php v6 build, FXDataFormat.pdf, page 1:
   "Conventions used:
   + $ReturnedData is used to signify the array containing the data returned by a query...."

and page 3:
   "echo $ReturnedData['errorCode']; ...."

So, am I to assume that this documentation is now depreciated and no longer applies? Oversight perhaps? Newer documentation available?

Leland Long

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Aha! Yes, the result of a failed query is a PHP object, not an array. So you'll need to trap whether $newSheetResult is an object or not before you try to reference its contents. I do this be evaluating my result:

if (is_object($newSheetResult))
          // There is an error; proceed accordingly.

          //The query produced results; proceed accordingly.


I believe in the case that $newSheetResult is an error, the error code can be referenced like this:


Hope this helps,

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