[FX.php List] Weird session variable issue

Bob Patin bob at patin.com
Thu Dec 19 09:14:24 MST 2013

I’ve got a site that collects a large amount of registration data from submitters; as they go through the process, I store the data in session variables, and then write it all to Filemaker at the end if their credit card is successfully charged.

For some reason, some of the records come up missing data—sometimes a few fields, sometimes almost all fields. I don’t destroy their session until the final step, *after* the FileMaker records are generated.

We’re seeing this in Internet Explorer 8 and 9, and maybe other browser versions, but right now it seems to be mainly in IE. 

Question: Since I’m storing a ton of values in session variables, I’m beginning to wonder if one or more variables are storing a character that could be messing things up. I don’t think there are restricted characters in session variables, but here are some questions:

1. Is there a limit to how much text could be stored in a set of 60+ session variables?
2. Is there a limit to the # of session variables that can be used in one session? If so, how is this determined?
3. Are there any restricted characters that must NOT be stored in a session variable? For example, ampersand, apostrophe, etc.?

This issue is driving us crazy; any help would be greatly appreciated.


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