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Dale Bengston dale.bengston at gmail.com
Thu Dec 5 09:04:12 MST 2013

The problem is FX.php is processing the raw $_POST array in BuildLinkQueryString(). Cake.php passes security tokens and other information in a multi-level sub-array of $_POST. FX is assuming any sub-array to be one level deep, not two or more.

I still haven’t figured out why this happens on some queries but not on others. For now, I’ve trapped it in my copy of FX.php.


On Dec 4, 2013, at 4:07 PM, Leo R. Lundgren <leo at finalresort.org> wrote:

> You can simply check which one of them is an array by dumping them. var_dump(), print_r() or gettype().
> 4 dec 2013 kl. 23.01 skrev Dale Bengston:
>> Hi All,
>> Having recently updated to a new Mac laptop running OS X Mavericks, I was surprised by the amount of error reporting I now get by default out of PHP. Most useful. (I thought I had error reporting jacked all the way up to show everything before, but not so!)
>> So I’ve started seeing this occasionally on one of my sites. (The site uses cake.php, fmcakemix and fx.php to deliver the goods.)
>> Notice (8): Array to string conversion [APP/Vendor/FX/FX.php, line 313]
>> Line 313 (version 6.0) of FX.php is in the middle of the function BuildLinkQueryString(). The line throwing the error is the one line in this foreach loop:
>> 	foreach($value as $innertkey => $innertvalue)
>> 		{
>> 		$tempQueryString .= urlencode($key.'[]') . '='.$innertvalue.'&';
>> 		}
>> This loop is part of a larger loop that walks $_POST elements, which is where $key comes from. So… PHP doesn’t tell me which variable of the two variables ($key or $innertvalue) is an array. Anyone have any idea what’s happening to generate this notice for some searches but not others?
>> Thanks,
>> Dale
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