[FX.php List] [OFF] Getting modern web browsers to auto-fill login fields

Troy Meyers tcmeyers at troymeyers.com
Tue Jul 10 19:33:34 MDT 2012

I'm redoing the login system for my site, and I'd like to have the user's web browser know that the email and password fields are login fields, and offer the user the option to store those, for easier login later. What is it about such fields that allows a web browser to recognize them, and make the offer?

We don't store passwords here, only a hash value, so in the past I've allowed users to have a setting that stored the password as a cookie on their end, so it could get filled in that way.... but that's just not secure. So, I want to dump the method and have the browser do it, since it seems like all modern ones can do that securely.

Any pointers? Thanks.


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