[FX.php List] PHP error log tracking using PID?

Steven Thoms sthoms at wavecomm.com
Sun Feb 12 13:18:31 MST 2012


Chances are FileMaker does do the things MySQL does, just in a  
different and unfamiliar way. I have found that a lot of IT people,  
especially Windows IT people, tend to get a bit pushy and testy when  
faced with new situations. You must be patient with them; the windows  
admins especially, have spent a career dealing with inflexible,  
stubborn and, frankly, poorly developed server software. Maybe you can  
share the 'bad news' you gave them and we can help point you all in a  
direction that helps accomplish the needs of the system. So what  
exactly was the 'bad news'? From your intial post it sounds like php  
is new to this team as well, is that the case?


On Feb 12, 2012, at 11:21 AM, Jonathan Schwartz wrote:

> This is their first exposure to FMS, and they have a
> MySQL  mindset. I've already had to deliver the bad news on several  
> other requests where FMS just doesn't do the things that MySQL does.

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