[FX.php List] Upgrading Software

Troy Meyers tcmeyers at troymeyers.com
Wed Dec 5 10:38:41 MST 2012


Yes, if you pull data through portals you will need to use the fmalt for sure!

I haven't pulled the new version off of github (I got it from Chris), but I understand it has been posted there.

I never dug into BlackBelt 'til I had to for this purpose, and I didn't explore much, just found the bit I knew I had to change. I expect I can find them again and point the way. It wasn't hard.


> Troy
> On Dec 5, 2012, at 11:39 AM, Troy Meyers wrote:
> > We still have a few BlackBelt pages that we haven't replaced yet, and
> they do work under FMS12 (not advanced) after setting up the FX (newest
> version) so that it uses the fmalt grammar option. I had to make a few
> changes in the BlackBelt config files, but nothing mindboggling. I can
> send you stuff back-channel.
> Thanks for the response - you were one who I was hoping to hear from
> since I know we both went through the transition from CDML to BlackBelt
> together.
> I've never changed anything about the FX.php which lies buried away
> somewhere in the BlackBelt folders of stuff. I've never been quite clear
> on the issue you're talking about with fmalt either - some of my
> solutions do use a Portal to present contents of a shopping cart - is
> this likely to be impacted?
> Thanks!!
> Roger

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