[FX.php List] Longterm Solutions Announces FileMaker Server 12 Hosting

Bob Patin bob at patin.com
Sat Apr 21 20:04:11 MDT 2012

Longterm Solutions is pleased to announce the immediate availability of FileMaker 12 hosting.

In addition to our servers running FileMaker 11 Server and Server Advanced, we have now added a new server running FileMaker Server 12. Users can connect to their databases using FileMaker Pro 12 or 12 Advanced, and also FileMaker Go 12 for the iPhone or iPad.

In addition, web applications written with the FileMaker API or FX.php are compatible with FileMaker Server 12, with a very small modification to reference the new database filename.

Pricing for FileMaker Server 12 hosting is the same as for version 11. For information on moving your databases from FileMaker Server 11 to Server 12, please give us a call.

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