[FX.php List] Encrypting/decrypting in PHP

Andrew Denman adenman at tmea.org
Tue Sep 20 17:04:03 MDT 2011

This is what we do as well, except translating into hex for storage.

The last time I investigated encryption plugins for FileMaker (a long time ago) I found nothing useful for this purpose, so we do the encryption and decryption in PHP on the web server.  Web viewers to internal web pages (over SSL connection) display and allow changes to the information.  You could probably use a plugin that allows you to run PHP code in FileMaker and avoid having to go back and forth to a web server.

Andrew Denman

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We do this all the time. Use:


Then base64 encode the results.

I will send an example tomorrow.

Stephen Grant

On 20/09/2011, at 1:23, Bob Patin <bob at patin.com> wrote:

> I have a client for whom I wrote a conference registration web app; the registrants reserve hotel rooms as part of their registration, and my client has to store their credit card numbers in order to pass them on to the hotel.
> I told my client that we need to encrypt the card numbers if we're going to store them in the database; I use a plugin to encrypt card numbers for my own use, but was wondering if any of you have a method for encryption/decryption that is all PHP-based. 
> My first choice would be to encrypt in PHP, then write to FileMaker; then, using a plugin or whatever, give the client the ability to decrypt one or more records in the database itself.
> Failing that, I'd encrypt in PHP, write the encrypted string, then write a little web app to read back these records into PHP, decrypt there, and display the decrypted results on a PHP page.
> Anyone gone down this path before?
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