[FX.php List] Encrypting/decrypting in PHP

Bob Patin bob at patin.com
Mon Sep 19 09:23:48 MDT 2011

I have a client for whom I wrote a conference registration web app; the registrants reserve hotel rooms as part of their registration, and my client has to store their credit card numbers in order to pass them on to the hotel.

I told my client that we need to encrypt the card numbers if we're going to store them in the database; I use a plugin to encrypt card numbers for my own use, but was wondering if any of you have a method for encryption/decryption that is all PHP-based. 

My first choice would be to encrypt in PHP, then write to FileMaker; then, using a plugin or whatever, give the client the ability to decrypt one or more records in the database itself.

Failing that, I'd encrypt in PHP, write the encrypted string, then write a little web app to read back these records into PHP, decrypt there, and display the decrypted results on a PHP page.

Anyone gone down this path before?


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