[FX.php List] How do I specify an "Exactly Equal To" search?

Andrew Denman adenman at tmea.org
Mon Nov 14 14:37:44 MST 2011

That is my experience as well, that those two are the same.  I tend to add search operators to the search term though, so someone looking at it who knows FileMaker can quickly see what the search is doing.

Andrew Denman

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Jon's original answer is quite correct because this isn't a PHP comparison which is being run but an FMP one... you can use any/all of the 'usual' FMP comparison operators by prepending them (almost) as Jon showed.

Jon was using the FM Studio syntax, where the find is set up as an array, and then performed.

The correct syntax for fx.php is


Just checking - in my experience, that's the same as:

            $find->AddDBParam('_kf_userID',"=".$userID, 'eq');

Where the third part is the FM operator (eq, bw, lt)... Correct?


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