[FX.php List] FMSv11, SBS2008 and Web Publishing [x-post]

Karstyn McCoy kmccoy at supportgroup.com
Tue Mar 1 11:31:45 MST 2011

Hi Osmair,

We were able to get FMSv11 installed and working fine to serve the databases
to FileMaker Clients. The current issue is getting web publishing working on

I've passed a couple of other posts on to the client to try, hopefully one
of them will be a winning ticket!

I'll post back to the list what happens.

Thank you,


On Tue, Mar 1, 2011 at 10:21 AM, Osmair Fuck <osmairsan at gmail.com> wrote:

> I once had the same problem to install a win2003 server 64bit fms10 I
> managed but it was very stressful, I used this source:
> http://filemakeraddict.blogspot.com/2008/04/joy-of-installing-filemaker-server-9-on.html
> Currently my install and recommend solutions to my clients to use the
> 32bit win2003server with IIS, I had no problems
> Hugs
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> 2011/3/1 Karstyn McCoy <kmccoy at supportgroup.com>
>>  My client is having issues getting FMSv11 WPE configured correctly on
>> SBS2008 on 64bit processors (not sure the 64 bit has anything to do with it,
>> but it may!).
>> They have had FMSv11 installed and working fine but until recently did not
>> do any web publishing. So I ran the 'Edit Server Deployment' process and
>> at the end of the process (stayed with
>> default options, using FMs PHP installation) the final dialog box never
>> goes away, but the surprise to me is that the deployment is affecting asp
>> and remote access configs on the server.
>> Their IT person sent this:
>> Roles uninstalled by Deployment assistent:
>> ASP
>> ASP.net
>> ISAPI Filters
>> ISAPI Extensions
>> TS Gateway
>> I wouldn't care too much about this if web publishing worked
>> after uninstalling the above, but it doesn't. Anyone know what might
>> be happening here, and how to get WPE correctly configured?
>> I do understand that SBS2008 is not a support OS for FMSv11, but hoping
>> someone has found a way to get it working.
>> Thank you,
>> --Karstyn
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