[FX.php List] Devcon Dinner Out - Flemmings on Monday night?

David W. Vaklyes dwv-fmp at wmc-worldwide.com
Thu Jul 21 13:05:28 MDT 2011

At 3:39 PM +0000 7/21/11, Ness, David wrote:
>Just floating an idea...
>I'm arriving at DevCon on Monday afternoon the day before DevCon gets under way. Within a very short walk of the hotel is Flemming's Prime Steakhouse, a pretty good steak place:
>I'd be up for meeting up with other list members for a dinner out. Anyone game?
>Alternate would be Friday night after the closing keynote. I leave on Saturday.

I'm another who will be arriving Tuesday morning, leaving Saturday.

So Friday would work for me.

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