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david weiner 1265 at lucerneblvd.org
Fri Feb 11 19:32:21 MST 2011

I've got a situation where I am able to go from a php page to an iphone app, pick a photo to upload, send it back to a php file on the webserver and then grab the file and upload it to supercontainer.

The relevant files are the images-results.php page which does a search and I use some of the returned data to populate the javascript variable called "context" so I know where to upload the image later and the upload-to-supercontainer.php file where the image gets returned from the iphone app and is then uploaded to my supercontainer server.

the iphone app is called quickpic, and the documentation is here:

As you can see I have resorted to hardcoding the filename quickpic.jpg because that's how it comes back from the app and it is apparently not accessible through the $_FILES array since that always comes back empty in safari mobile.

I have written the developer a few times but I guess my questions are beyond what they consider necessary support and they've stopped answering my emails.

What I would like to know is if any of you could think of a better way to go about this.



Here's the relevant part of images-results.php:
<script type="text/javascript">
 window.launchQuickpic = function() {
   var start = new Date();
   setTimeout(function() {
     if (new Date() - start > 2000) {
     window.location = 'http://www.cliqcliq.com/quickpic/install/';
   }, 1000);

   var getParams = ['action=http://localhost/upload-to-supercontainer.php',
                    'context=<?php echo $images_results_row['Images_key_n'][0]; ?>',
   window.location = 'vquickpic://?' + getParams.join('&');

<a href="javascript:launchQuickpic();">
   <h1>Upload from the Phone.</h1></a>


Here's the upload-to-supercontainer.php file:
<?php require_once('lib/supercontainer.php'); ?>
// Get the context variable that is coming back from quickpic to determine the SuperContainer directory by Serial
	$sc_directory = $_GET['context'];
// Get the full path to where the site exists
$serverParentDirectory = $_SERVER["DOCUMENT_ROOT"] . '/test/';

// Take the uploaded file and move it to the "upload" directory on the server
	foreach($_FILES as $file){
	move_uploaded_file($file['tmp_name'], $serverParentDirectory . '/uploads/' .  $file['name']);

$transferFile = 'uploads/' . 'quickpic.jpg';

// Show the file so you know it exists
print 'image: <img src="http://localhost/test/' . $transferFile . '">';
echo "<br />";

// Get the full path to the file
$serverPath = $serverParentDirectory . $transferFile;
print 'full path: ' . $serverPath;
echo "<br />";

//SuperContainer Stuff
$SC_BASE_URL = 'http://remotehost:80/SuperContainer/Files/images';
$sc = new SuperContainer($SC_BASE_URL);
if ($sc->getError()) die('Could not connect to SuperContainer server: ' . $sc->getError());
$sc->upload($sc_directory, $serverPath)
   or die("Could not upload $serverPath to $sc_directory: " . $sc->getError());
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