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VanBuskirk, Patricia pvanbuskirk at fsu.edu
Thu Dec 29 14:06:47 MST 2011

Hi Bob,  It is trying to not pull a value list, it should be listing down all the values in the "ListForWeb" field.  I checked and the database name and layout are correct and there are records in it as well.  It was working before the switch, but now it just shows a bunch of blank lines, a capital "F", and a bunch more blank lines.  Errrrrrgh.

~ Trish

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Don't change the version? It needs to stay "FMPro7".

Do you have the value list on the layout "Ref_FSU_Buildings?" If not, that's your problem; the value list you're accessing has to be on the layout you're going to.

If it *is* on that layout, does it have any values? Does that table have any records? It needs at least one in order to get to the value list.

Hope that helps,

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On Dec 29, 2011, at 2:39 PM, VanBuskirk, Patricia wrote:

We are setting up a new FM server and a new Web server.  Now my dropdown that reads from the FM database stopped working.  I've changed the server_data.php file to point to the proper database.  I even tested it by typing the information directly into the form, instead of having it user that file and it still didn't work.

Here's the text I'm using:

<select name="Contact_Bldg" tabindex="5">
  <option selected>NOT LISTED - Type in Below</option>
define('DEBUG', true);


// configure a connection to FileMaker Server Advanced
$ordersQuery = new FX(FM_IP, FM_PORT, FM_VERSION);
// set database and layout information
$ordersQuery->SetDBData('WEB_Forms', 'Ref_FSU_Buildings', 'all');
// set database username and password
$ordersQuery->SetDBUserPass(FM_USERNAME, FM_PASSWORD);
// retrieve all records in this database available to the current user
$ordersQuery->AddSortParam('ListForWeb', 'ascend');
$orders = $ordersQuery->DoFXAction(FX_ACTION_FINDALL);
        foreach ($orders as $contact) {
    echo "                <option>{$contact['ListForWeb']}\n";


The only thing I can think of is that the new server is now FMS11, so maybe I need to change the version in the server_data.php file?  It presently says, "FMPro7".

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