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I can't connect to database B; remember, it's on server B, which isn't connected to the web publishing engine. 

They couldn't the VPN to work, so to get this going, I had them put a 2nd database server in the LAN with the web server; we then reconfigured the Web Pub. Engine so that it's now talking to server A, not server B...

Unless I'm mistaken, the WPE can only pair up with a single database server, so server B is out of the loop...

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On Mar 26, 2010, at 6:28 PM, Leo R. Lundgren wrote:

> I don't understand why you cannot do this. If you use FX.php to connect to database A and database B at the same time, and shuffle data between them (by reading from A and writing to B), why wouldn't that be possible? I am imagining that both databases listen to incoming XML requests of the type that FX does, so you should be able to connect to them both seperately.
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