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Bob Patin bob at patin.com
Fri Mar 26 17:18:53 MDT 2010

OK, so now I've done an end-around in the saga with servers and the VPN. I've got a little database running on server A, and the main database running on server B. Now that the little database is in the LAN with the web server, it works fine (as I expected).

Here's my latest challenge: how to get the records from database A on server A into database B on server B.

I can have a script triggered when someone is in the database--that works fine. However, my wish was to have some sort of synch script run after every transaction. 

Jimmy Jones suggested doing it all in PHP--write to database A, then take the same data and write to database B. The problem though, as you guys know, is that the WPE can only connect to a single database server.

Does anyone have a method for doing something like this? Other than having a script run when someone does something in the database, any other ideas? A server-scheduled script won't do it either, since server A doesn't "know" about server B, even though the 2 databases are tied together with a relationship.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


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