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You nailed it on all counts; I talk to the client (who knows almost nothing) who talks to the IT guys (who *act* like they know more than they do) who come up with every way to blame FileMaker for the problem...

Last night they asked one of their guys to look at my web app to "see if he could spot the reason that it's slow." Not knowing FX.php of course, his brilliant conclusion was that "these lines of PHP code seem to be where the slowdown is." Four lines of code doing an FMView()... of COURSE that's where the slowdown occurs, because that's when it's trying to talk to FM Server! 

We're going to do an end run, split the web app off into a little database and put it on a LAN with their webserver, saving them the future embarrassment of trying to figure out why their network isn't working right. 

Thanks for your reply... and yes, this IT company has ingratiated itself to a point where they'd chew their own arms off to keep this account. :)


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On Mar 25, 2010, at 10:43 AM, Chris Hansen wrote:

> I just realized that I've been in a similar situation to yours.  As in your case, I had no control over the server.  And they were Windows servers.  I'm not sure what the problem was, but it had something to do with "packets being dropped" between the two machines.  Yeah, that's pretty vague, but it does sound like what could well be going on in your case.  Unfortunately, I have no means of getting additional details.  (I spoke with my client, who spoke to his contact, who spoke with the network guys...)
> The thing is, I would think that the logs would indicate that there were problems.  Is there any way your client would look for a more responsive provider?  (My guess is no, since much of what you've said makes it sound to me like they've been using these guys for some time.)  *sigh*
> May the FMorce be with you...

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