[FX.php List] No GC (Garbage Collection) in IIS installation

Jonathan Schwartz jschwartz at exit445.com
Sat Mar 20 11:44:19 MDT 2010

Great answers, Leo.

This provides the basis for further research.  BTW, the path was 
originally blank in the ini, with no GC occurring.  Next, I entered a 
path in the ini, using the path where I found the files: 
C:\WINDOWS\Temp. Still no GC.

I will try your suggested experiments.

Stay tuned....


At 6:14 PM +0100 3/20/10, Leo R. Lundgren wrote:
>Did you change the session.save_path in the php.ini file, or did you 
>do it using PHP code? Can you verify that the path is really what 
>you indended it to be, and that it hasn't been evaluated different, 
>for example some chars being escaped and getting another meaning or 
>something like that? Also, did you try using / instead of \ in the 
>path? Just a thought.
>I think that in any case, the problem is apparently that the session 
>extension fails to open the directory in question. The code in the 
>extension looks like this:
>static int ps_files_cleanup_dir(const char *dirname, int maxlifetime 
>	<snip>
>	dir = opendir(dirname);
>	if (!dir) {
>		php_error_docref(NULL TSRMLS_CC, E_NOTICE, 
>"ps_files_cleanup_dir: opendir(%s) failed: %s (%d)", dirname, 
>strerror(errno), errno);
>		return (0);
>	}
>	<snip>
>So I guess that's about it. Something is wrong with the access to 
>that directory :) I don't know if it would give a specific error 
>message if the folder it tries to find doesn't exist, so maybe this 
>is the problem?
>You could try changing the path to something you know doesn't exist, 
>and compare the error message. If you want to provoke the problem on 
>each request, try changing the settings like this in php.ini:
>	session.gc_probability = 1
>	session.gc_divisor = 1
>20 mar 2010 kl. 17.48 skrev Jonathan Schwartz:
>>Hi Folks,
>>Breaking out from the previous post....
>>My  problem is that a Windows system is NOT clearing session files, 
>>and producing this error from time to time:
>>ps_files_cleanup_dir:opendir(C:\WINDOWS\TEMP) failed: No error (0)
>>The original phpini had no entry for the path. I added 
>>"C:\WINDOWS\Temp" ,but still no GC.
>>Note...the error doesn't say "permission denied".
>>Any clues?
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