[FX.php List] Solution to strange problem with client's new server install

Bob Patin bob at patin.com
Thu Mar 18 16:30:48 MDT 2010

Well, that's what FM tech support told her, anyway... as we all know, they sometimes give out really lousy answers.

For example, they told a friend of mine, who's certified 8-9-10, that the reason his server was crashing was because the database was badly-written.

Needless to say, he was NOT amused... :)


On Mar 18, 2010, at 5:19 PM, Dale Bengston wrote:

> Huh. Looking at the Server 9 system requirements (http://www.filemaker.com/support/kb/), it looks like PHP 4.3 is the minimum requirement. I think the Leopard Server FileMaker killer is Apache 2. Server 9 runs on Apache 1.x. 
> Dale

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