[FX.php List] Question about an FX error

Steve Winter steve at bluecrocodile.co.nz
Wed Mar 17 13:58:32 MDT 2010

Hi Bob,

So the issue is 'further up' the script...

Do all of the variables used by the query have correct values...? what do
evaluate to...?

Try changing the include_once for FX.php and server_data.php to requires, which will cause fatal errors if they fail, and hence ensure that you are actually loading them...

Try echoing out all of the variables which are used in the query...

And are you sure that print_r($findResult) gave the error that you sent... since your original error message indicated that it was an object, and so therefore should not give the second error message you sent...


On 17 Mar 2010, at 19:48, Steve Winter wrote:

>> include_once("FX/FX.php");
>> include_once("FX/server_data.php");
>> $email = $_POST['email'];
>> $password = $_POST['password'];
>> if ((strlen($email)<1) or (strlen($password)<1)){
>> 	include_once('login_error.htm');
>> 	exit;
>> }
>> $find = new FX($serverIP,$webCompanionPort, $dataType, $scheme);
>> $find -> SetDBData($dbname , "web");
>> $find -> SetDBPassword($webPW,$webUN);
>> $find->AddDBParam('Work_Email','=='.preg_replace('/([@*#?!=<>"])/','\\\${1}',$email));
>> $find->AddDBParam('Password','=='.preg_replace('/([@*#?!=<>"])/','\\\${1}',$password));
>> $findResult=$find->FMFind();

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