Re: [FX.php List] When configuring sshd it’s possible to set which address the service should be configured for.

Leo R. Lundgren leo at
Thu Jun 24 08:34:33 MDT 2010

If it's not possible to configure this (which would be so lame, I really presume there's a way to do it), I guess you can use a packet filter to forward traffic from the other interfaces/IPs?

24 jun 2010 kl. 14.25 skrev Gjermund Gusland Thorsen:

> # Use these options to restrict which interfaces/protocols sshd will bind to
> #ListenAddress ::
> #ListenAddress
> I have tried to do the same with FMSA, this in order to give different
> bandwidth to different users.
> I would like to have FMSA serve 3 NICs
> 1 for 10Gbit Citrix
> 1 for 10Gbit FileMaker Pro users on the LAN
> 1 for  1 Gbit Web publishing engine
> However FMSA automatically changes to the lowest Ethernet interface
> Anyone got a clue to where the IP address is hardcoded in FMSA or its config?
> The failure is probably that it listens to a specific IP; the IP of
> the lowest numbered NIC in this case,
> and not all the hosts on the local routing table AFAIK )
> tia,
> ggt
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