[FX.php List] Encoding issue

Anders Monsen andersm at alamark.com
Wed Jun 9 08:31:14 MDT 2010

I have a query page where one option is a drop down menu that pulls from a FileMaker value list. One of the items contains a slash, ie. THIS/THAT which always returns a zero found set from the FX.php page, even when there are records.

When I <pre> the find query, the slash has been changed to: fieldName=THIS%2FTHAT with %2F replacing the slash. What are my options encoding the slash so that it actually will return data? Does this need to be changed in FileMaker? In the query I currently have it set to:
$find->AddDBParam( 'fieldName', urldecode( $_POST['value'] ) ) ; 

Anders Monsen

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