[FX.php List] Master Web Control Mechanism

Jonathan Schwartz jschwartz at exit445.com
Sat Jul 31 12:52:34 MDT 2010

Hi folks,

Startng to get excited about seeing a lot of you again in San Diego 
next month.  ;-)

Here's a current challenge...

I need to create a way to control web traffic for a client, directing 
it to desired servers depending on their availability. This is really 
a matter of setting up scripts with $server variables and then 
defining $server in some master location. The question is how and 
where to create that master control.

The client's FMS servers frequently go offline due to power and 
connectivity issues..and that is the real reason for coming up with a 
way to re-direct traffic.

The client's www host is offsite at one of those web hosting 
companies, seemingly the perfect place to perform the control.

I did create a mysql file and query script that reads the file and 
provides the information. It works great, except that the hosting 
company will not allow external mysql queries, so it is useless if 
external servers can not access it.

One option is to dumb it down and use a simple text file containing 
the data in an array of some sort. I need a array with multiple 
elements like this:
	servername	module	IP address

Is this the way to go?  If so, what is the best way to build the 
array, save it and query it? I see building a php control page that 
allows an authorized individual to access it, change server 
addresses, save.  There is also the issues of security.

If there is a better way, what would that be?


Jonathan Schwartz
Exit 445 Group
jonathan at exit445.com

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