[FX.php List] Web activity logging in FMP?

Tim 'Webko' Booth tim at nicheit.com.au
Wed Jul 14 00:01:41 MDT 2010

Dear All,
> Not that I've noticed, but then I've tended to do this with new  
> systems, so I don't know if they might be faster without the  
> logging, but I've certainly not seen any issues with performance  
> which would make me try and turn it off...

Well, there *has* to be a performance hit to some degree (writing to  
the log table vs not doing so...)

For most systems, this will not result in a real world degradation of  
perceived performance.

For systems that are operating close to the edge of what FileMaker can  
handle in terms of load, it may be the piece that tips it over the  
edge - that XML bottleneck drives me nuts on a few of my systems that  
really do have a lot of users/operations involved in them...



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