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VanBuskirk, Patricia pvanbuskirk at otc.fsu.edu
Thu Jan 14 08:41:44 MST 2010

Guys, they BOTH worked ... I'm just brain dead this morning!  I realized
that the selections in the drop-down (other than "Student Request" are
upper case!  As soon as I changed the code to upper-case HALL, all works

Thanks again for your invaluable assistance!


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Ok, I tried both:

if (isset($_POST['Department_Name']) && ($_POST['Department_Name'] ==
"Student Request" || strpos($_POST['Department_Name'],"Hall") !==
		$Student_Dept_Request_Flag = "Student";
		} else {
		$Student_Dept_Request_Flag = "Department";

if (isset($_POST['Department_Name']) && ($_POST['Department_Name'] ==
"Student Request" || preg_match('/ Hall$/', $_POST['Department_Name'])
)) {
		$Student_Dept_Request_Flag = "Student";
		} else {
		$Student_Dept_Request_Flag = "Department";

It doesn't error out, but I checked "Department" in the
Student_Dept_Request_Flag field and clicked on a ".. Hall" in the
Department dropdown and it does not change "Department" to "Student".
The other part of the equation does change it, however ... if I choose
"Student Request" from the dropdown.

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How about this...

A strpos($haystack,$needle) would also work. The function is designed 
to return the position of the "needle" in the "haystack", but also 
returns "FALSE" if the needle does not exist.

I understand that it is faster than PREG.

if(strpos($_POST['Department_Name'],"Hall") !== FALSE)
Do this

To avoid problems resulting from upper/lower case, use stripos().

Hope there is no "Monte Hall Hall" ;-)



>A preg_match will work.
>if (isset($_POST['Department_Name']) && preg_match('/hall$/i', 
>$_POST['Department_Name']) {

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