[FX.php List] Edit form and if statements

Jon & Jane Montgomery vicepresident at comcast.net
Sun Feb 21 13:58:04 MST 2010

Is it possible to have an edit form where only the missing data from the
record show up as text fields and the completed data shows up as text?

I am thinking something like using if statements where if it is empty() show
text field else echo the data.

I am looking for a way to MAKE users complete data that they have skipped.
And yes I know about validating that data before it is submitted the first
time, but for some reason on my part, I did not get that fully implemented
and have some incomplete data.  I would like it so that the next time they
login, they would be taken to a edit form where the missing data fields are
displayed with the good data they already have.  Is this possible and would
it be useful or should I approach this a different way?

Thank you so much!

Jon Montgomery (Not the gold medal winner in the Olympic Skeleton!)

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