[FX.php List] [OFF] FMServer's PHP over higher version of PHP?

Head Honcho headhoncho at customikesolutions.com
Wed Aug 25 15:00:44 MDT 2010

Hi Joel, 

I'd expect it to "just work" except for a couple of "maybe" gotchas.

1) as  Richard mentioned, you won't get any of the "good" updates to php provided by Apple
2) if someone accidentally "turns on" php from the server, I'd expect it to "stomp" on the Filemaker one, with unexpected results.
3) I wouldn't be surprised if an Apple update did something unexpected, although it shouldn't.

While it's "against" the EULA, it's pretty easy to "fix" the API to remove the deprecated issues - it's basically that the API uses "&="  instead of "=" in a number of places... get rid of these, and you're "good to go".  Not that I'm saying you should do this ;)

Hopefully we'll get an updated version of the API in the not to distant future.

Hope this helps, somewhat.


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On 26/08/2010, at 12:56 AM, Joel Shapiro wrote:

> Hi all
> A new client is running OS X Server 10.6 on the machine that will host their FM/PHP system.  PHP has not yet been enabled on the machine, although 10.6 comes w/ PHP 5.3 installed.  I'm wondering how it would go if I were to install FMServer's version of PHP (5.2.8?) instead of enabling the system's version.  (We'll be using the API, which uses code that's deprecated in 5.3 and would need to be set to hide deprecated warnings.)
> Would FMS's lower version of PHP safely override the non-enabled higher version, or should I just stick w/ 5.3 and hide the deprecated warnings?  (There shouldn't be a need for any other PHP libraries, GD etc.)
> Thoughts?
> TIA,
> -Joel
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