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Stephe Pocock zippyaus at yahoo.com
Fri Aug 13 00:18:16 MDT 2010

Thanks Steve

I think I will try and do it without the FX then as I am starting from scratch.  

Thanks for the advice, it is greatly appreciated.


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Hi Stephen

Are you wanting to use FX.php simply because you're familiar with it...? In 
general I would say that the only good reason to use FX with MySQL is because 
you've got a (large) legacy site which used to use FMP and is being converted to 
work with MySQL.

If you're building something from scratch using MySQL, then you're better off 
(in my ever so humble view ;-) working directly with MySQL queries... there are 
heaps of tutorials all over the web that tell you how to get started with MySQL, 
and it's pretty straightforward for anyone with a moderate amount of PHP 
experience to get their head around...

That said, to answer your specific question. The $webCompanionPort listed below 
will need to be set to the port that MySQL is listening on (usually 3306, but 
check with your local install).


On 13 Aug 2010, at 05:56, Stephe Pocock wrote:

Hi all
>After years of using FX and FMPS, I need to look at using mySQL as my database.
>I have a Wordpress site that has galleries of photos.  I want the visitors to be 
>able to select which photos they want to have printed.
>I have looked at a number of shopping cart solutions, but none fit the mold.
>So I thought I would give it a go.
>Does anyone have any example files for using FX and mySQL.
>From what I have seen I need to change the server info to 
>$serverIP = '';
>$webCompanionPort = 80;       
>$dataSourceType = 'mysql'
>Do I still need the $webCompanionPort?  Are all the rest of the calls the same?
>Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
>ps.  I can't seem to find a way to search through the fx.php_list archive.  
>Considering the is a database list, I thought searching would be a great option 
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