[FX.php List] [Off] Click sound via JavaScript for iPhone web-based app?

Dale Bengston dbengston at tds.net
Sat May 30 09:43:26 MDT 2009

Hmm, yeah, I think there are some JS cripples on the iPhone, probably  
to discourage VOIP usage with an iPhone. I think that's why Flash was  
initially crippled too.


On May 30, 2009, at 10:31 AM, Troy Meyers wrote:

> Dale,
> I Googled as well, and unfortunately found a lot of chatter about  
> the process being browser-specific with lots of code examples that  
> don't work. It might be that the iPhone Safari just won't let  
> JavaScript play a sound. I opened one example page on the iPhone,  
> and while it plays on-open in big Safari, it's soundless in iPhone  
> Safari. I actually can't recall hearing a sound from a web page in  
> iPhone Safari, other than in "player" boxes, which certainly isn't  
> appropriate for this application. That's why I cried for help! Maybe  
> no one has actually done it.
> If you found an example that actually worked on your iPhone, please  
> let me know!
> -Troy
>> Hi Troy,
>> I did a bit of Googling around and came up with some examples. It's
>> not clear to me whether you can just "open" a sound file from within
>> JS or whether you need to embed sounds in the page and then just
>> trigger their playback with js. It looks like it's possible, though!
>> Dale
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