[FX.php List] [Off] Click sound via JavaScript for iPhone web-based app?

Dale Bengston dbengston at tds.net
Sat May 30 09:11:20 MDT 2009

Hi Troy,

I did a bit of Googling around and came up with some examples. It's  
not clear to me whether you can just "open" a sound file from within  
JS or whether you need to embed sounds in the page and then just  
trigger their playback with js. It looks like it's possible, though!


On May 29, 2009, at 3:33 PM, Troy Meyers wrote:

> I've created a FX/JavaScript-based application so that an iPhone or  
> iPod Touch can be used for data logging/lookup in the greenhouse. It  
> includes a large, easy to read keypad with numbers and a couple of  
> letters, control keys that works using JavaScript to enter plant tag  
> numbers more easily than with the iPhone "keyboard". It works well.  
> It would be comforting to get audio feedback during entry though,  
> but having never tried it, I don't know how to get JavaScript to  
> make a "keyclick" sound. I just need it to be callable by the  
> several JavaScript handlers that execute when someone touches "key"  
> hotspots.
> I suppose a sound file needs to be first loaded by iPhone Safari and  
> then referred to by the JavaScript. I guess I'd call the function  
> clicksound() ...but how do I set it up?
> Help from anyone who's been there would be appreciated.
> -Troy
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