[FX.php List] Switch of web host - HTML special chars stripped from FX output (FMU6)

Ben Bradley ben.bradley at dealer-world.com
Fri May 29 10:09:42 MDT 2009

Hi everyone
I've just switched hosting provider and there appears to be a difference
in their PHP configurations.
With the new provider any HTML special chars are getting automatically
removed from my FX.php output... causing HTML tags in my FileMaker
website content management system to get printed out as text.
Less than, greater than and quote marks are just removed; not replaced
with anything else.
I have basically copied the entire site over to the new provider and
I've never seen this problem before.
The old provider was running PHP 5.2.6
The new provider is running PHP 5.2.5
One thing I did notice is the new provider has magic_quotes_gpc set to
On in the phpinfo()
It was Off on the old provider.
But that shouldn't make any difference to the output of FX, should it?
magic_quotes_runtime and magic_quotes_sybase are set to Off on the old
and new providers.
I'm running FileMaker Unlimited 6 with custom web publishing. There's
nothing that's changed on the CDML format files.
When I call up the site in the old host, everything is still fine!
Anyone experience this error before or can think of any config things to
I've done a few tests... CURL calls are fine... no HTML special chars
removed there!
Also if I set a bunch of HTML code into a variable, and echo that
variable out again the HTML special chars are preserved so the tags get
Any ideas / suggestions?
This has been driving me nuts this afternoon!
Cheers, B
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