[FX.php List] Are here any voulenteers to make new samples for FX.php distro?

Gjermund Gusland Thorsen ggt667 at gmail.com
Fri May 15 07:51:11 MDT 2009

I have been working on it for a couple of years now, on and off, the
ideas and what should be included,
however I would like it to be up to date, I would like it to have
jQuery and XHTML 1.0 Strict as frameworks.

I have some layouts I have som business logic, I have some ideas on
how to put it together,
a good design is welcome, and the aim is to replace the current
examples, or append to what is already there.

Bob Patin got me started on jQuery, through a couple of samples, only
1 file got me started and now I do the pages
object oriented thinking in HTML, embedding php script using jQuery.
I have not completed any solutions using that technology yet,
however the project will soon be at a "location-in-time" similar to a
0.9 release.

NB The most enjoyable part is "portals" within "portals" the heaviest
one is 4 levels deep,
it looks good, but it makes FMS work overtime, even with 16GB RAM and
MacPro 4x 3GHz as server.
Another funny part about the project is that it runs just as smooth on
a G3/266 desktop debianPPC under Apache as an AMD ubuntu 9.10 under
This tells me that the work load is on FileMaker and the webbrowser for now.


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