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Jonathan Schwartz jschwartz at exit445.com
Wed Jan 28 12:27:24 MST 2009

Thanks, Dennis.

The seed for migrating to multiple machines has already been planted.

However, that may or may not the reason for the intermittent problem 
I seek to resolve.  A particular operation usually takes 2 seconds. 
Sometimes, though, it takes 25 seconds.  I'm trying to figure out 
what else is going on aside from my PHP query.

Will look into the Windows Server built in tools.


At 12:37 PM -0600 1/28/09, Dennis Dalziel wrote:
>We used Window's Server built in performance monitoring tools to monitor
>performance on a machine that had intermittent performance issues. You can
>build your own graphs that show Filemaker performance and web requests.
>The result was that we realized that a one server Filemaker install can only
>serve out so much information to the web before the whole Windows Server
>machine needs to take a break.
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>Hi Folks,
>I need to keep an eye on a client's all-on-one-machine Windows
>machine( IIS WebServer, FMS9, WPE) in order to troubleshoot some
>intermittent performance issues.
>OS X has Activity Monitor. OS X Server has the nice graph. You can
>tell something is wrong from across the room.
>So...what do Windows folks use?
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