[FX.php List] New server, new headache...

Steve Winter steve at bluecrocodile.co.nz
Tue Jan 13 05:52:53 MST 2009

Hi William,

Do you mean that actual db files themselves...? they look to be fine...

Here's a link to the server: which has  
the std FX install dropped in, and those are the results that I'm  
seeing... if you try clicking on one of the debug links, then you'll  
see that I'm asked to login, but that the Admin and no password option  
don't work...???

This is crazy, I've never had this problem before with FX and I've  
installed it on literally dozens of machines...!!

HELP...!!... ???


On 13 Jan 2009, at 12:38, William Downs wrote:

> Hi Steve,
> file permissions problem ? As in the properties / security tab ?
> It's one I forget all the time and one I get bitten with when copying
> files around.
> Just a memory jog, probably not helpful,
> Kindest
> William
> On Tue, Jan 13, 2009 at 7:30 AM, Steve Winter <steve at bluecrocodile.co.nz 
> > wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> I seem to keep running into annoying configuration errors at  
>> present, where
>> previously things have just 'worked'...!
>> The latest one, is I can't even get the FX example to run ... it's  
>> a Win2k3
>> server, IIS, FMSA 10... (also tried with FMS9)
>> Turn debug on in the example, and try clicking one of the generated  
>> links
>> and I get asked to login... the credentials don't work (ie Admin  
>> and blank
>> as per the exmaple)...
>> I've put a couple of my dbs on there, one works, one doesn't...  
>> same error
>> as the example on the one that doesn't work... you trun debug on,  
>> try to
>> access the XML interface directly and get asked for username/ 
>> password (even
>> though they are, of course, in the link) and no matter what you  
>> put, it
>> won't let you in...
>> This is doing my head in so any help would be greatly appreciated...
>> Thanks
>> Frustrated Steve
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