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Thanks for the post...

I'd forgotten about Retrospect, which I used to use back when I was  
using PCs more. On my FileMaker Server machines, I use Rob Russell's  
excellent shell script to zip the backup folder and then copy that zip  
file to a 2nd local drive and a remote server. So the FileMaker  
machines are all taken care of; it's just my biggest web server, which  
has some huge sites on it, that's getting tough to deal with.

Thanks for the reminder about Retrospect; I probably still have a  
license to it around somewhere.


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On Jan 9, 2009, at 5:40 PM, Troy Meyers wrote:

> Bob,
> We use Retrospect, and it takes care of all the compressing,  
> splitting when going onto DVDs. It's network-based so can be done  
> for any machine.
> -Troy
>> I have a web server on which the Documents folder (which contains all
>> the sites) has gotten up to about 9GB.
>> I backup the folder to another HD on the server, and then pull that
>> off every week and burn it to DVD-R with Toast. Here's the problem:
>> Because the archive (zipped) is so large, it gets recorded onto 2
>> separate disks. This afternoon I wanted to pull up an archive and
>> retrieve an old site, but one of the 2 disks was corrupted.
>> I have a Drobo here, which is excellent for backing up my development
>> machine and laptop, but putting one of those on all of my 7 web
>> servers would get a bit expensive.
>> I know about exobyte cartridges, which studios here in Nashville use
>> for backing up audio projects; is there another solution I should  
>> look
>> into that would be appropriate for something like this? Out of all my
>> servers, this is the only one whose backup is so huge, and it's a
>> problem if my backup doesn't restore when I need it.
>> Thanks for any input,
>> Bob Patin
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