[FX.php List] jquery/gchart help

Gjermund Gusland Thorsen ggt667 at gmail.com
Thu Jan 8 17:26:37 MST 2009

Is that an FX.php question,
FileMaker question, gChart or jQuery question?

What does this gChart jQuery plugin plug in to? FileMaker? jQuery?


2009/1/9 david weiner <1265 at lucerneblvd.org>:
> (sorry if this comes through twice, I'm not sure my list account is working)
> Hi,
> Does anyone on the list have experience getting data formatted
> correctly from Filemaker to FX and picked up by the gChart jQuery
> plugin?
> I've got it all but working and am missing just how to format my data
> so it can be successfully parsed by the Google Chart API.
> What I've got is a qty listing of wine that I'm trying to get into the
> requested format of:
> label,color,y1
> burgundy,ff0000,2
> bordeaux,00ff00,3
> cabernet,0000ff,5
> (where 2,3 and 5 are qty's stored in the db)
> All help is appreciated, and if there's a suggestion for a better way
> to bring data into charts please let me know.
> Thanks,
> David
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