[FX.php List] [OFF] Duplicate Record in different Table

Jonathan Schwartz jschwartz at exit445.com
Tue Jan 6 12:36:46 MST 2009

[OFF]...because this question is about the API, although the answer 
might be the same in fx.php.

I need to preserve a copy of record data before a web user edits the 
record...in case the data needs to be restored.

Upon login, I want to query the layout and then immediately turn 
around and create a new record in a second table, using all the data 
returned by the query.   Assume that the fields in both tables are 
identically named.

Sure, I could write each of the fields to a separate SESSION variable 
and then create the add query using those fields, but with 50 or so 
fields, that's not pretty.

I know there is a way to simply take the array returned by the API 
and reverse engineer it to create the add new record query....but I'm 
at a loss.

Any suggestions?


Jonathan Schwartz
Exit 445 Group
jonathan at exit445.com

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