[FX.php List] Best practice of selecting products from a list

John Funk jfunk at criticalsolution.com
Sun Apr 12 12:37:57 MDT 2009

I have an FM database with COMPANIES, PRODUCTS and SELECTEDPRODUCTS tables
to use for an online survey.
The user logs in to see their Company data along with a list of all the
products available. The list is a checkbox list that when they check the
product, it records that product in the SELECTEDPRODUCTS  table for that

My question is, what is the best way to display all PRODUCTS and save the
chosen products in SELECTEDPRODUCTS.
1. Showing the records from the PRODUCTS table and when selected have a
looping FMEdit() that writes data to SELECTEDPRODUCTS for that COMPANY  or
2. Showing the records from the SELECTEDPRODUCTS table and write the data
back to the same table. This requires I pre-build a set of records in
SELECTEDPRODUCTS for each company. This seems like it would run faster but
take longer to build the data.
There are about 700 PRODUCTS to display (on 5-6 pages) for 1000 COMPANIES

If I use the looping FMEdit() method, I was thinking I could put the FMEdt()
in a function to call from the loop.

Any thoughts before I dig in? Any sample code?

John Funk

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