[FX.php List] Problems on a looping edit

John Funk jfunk at criticalsolution.com
Thu Apr 2 12:22:09 MDT 2009

I have a page with a list of check boxes, when the page gets submited the
data is read from the request and written to FileMaker. So far so good. But
for some unknown reason the FMEdit() function stops short of the
foundcount.( I need to edit as many as 200 in a loop)
When I comment out the lines that perform the edit, the page runs complete.
Is there a time out that I need to change or is there something wrong with
my code:

$foundCount = $_REQUEST["foundCount"];
$x = 1;
while ($x < $foundCount)
$myRecID = $_REQUEST["recID_".$x];
$M = $_REQUEST["M".$x];
$D = $_REQUEST["D".$x];
echo $myRecID."  ".$M." ".$D."<br>";
$request = new FX($ServerIP, '80', 'FMPro7');
$request->SetDBUserPass($fmAccount, $fmPass);
$request->AddDBParam('-recid', $myRecID);
$request->AddDBParam('Manufacturer', $M);
$request->AddDBParam('Distributor', $D);
$result = $request->FMEdit();
echo $myRecID."  ".$M." ".$D."<br>"; // this line is for debugging

Any ideas?
John Funk
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