[FX.php List] [OFF] FMS server leaky on OS X...?

Jon & Jane Montgomery vicepresident at comcast.net
Mon Nov 17 06:00:30 MST 2008

    Since I switched to FMS 9 (with all the latest updates)  I have noticed
a slowdown on my MacBook Pro.  However, I always noticed the slow down after
I had been working with DreamWeaver 8 and the FMStudio plug-in.  Always
noticed the slow down only after running DreamWeaver.  What piece of
software do you use to see which application is hogging the memory?

Jon Montgomery

On 11/15/08 4:52 AM, "Steve Winter" <steve at bluecrocodile.co.nz> wrote:

> Morning all,
> I've recently made the switch to a MacBook Pro (from windows) and have
> been finding it all rather good...  The one thing that seems to be
> causing me grief is FMS... I have the TechNet developer license
> 'version' installed on this machine... when I first start up it uses
> about 0.1 to 0.2 of the CPU... after a couple of days, which will have
> included several hybernations as I go to and from client sites, on and
> off trains, to bed, and all that, this usage begins to creep up...
> This morning it had got tot he point where the machine was barely
> useable, and upon checking FMS was consuming 85 - 95% of one CPU....
> no wonder everything esle was unresponsive... a restart resolved that...
> Has anyone else noticed this problem...? how to I restart the FMS
> service on a Mac...?? Any other tips or tricks for preventing this
> from happening...??
> Cheers
> Steve
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